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If only Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating electrical current, had hired an intellectual property lawyer.

In 1885, Thomas Edison promised to pay Nikola $50,000, over $1.5 million today, if he could improve Edison’s electrical generators. A year later, Nikola delivered the generator that was more efficient and a lot more profitable. When Nikola asked for the $50,000, Edison said he was joking and that Nikola, a Serbian, didn’t understand American humor. And yes, intellectual property law did exist before the 1800s.

Maybe you are not a Nikola Tesla or an Elon Musk (who was the first investor in the electrical car already named in Tesla’s honor). You’re an inventor, artist,
photographer, musician, novelist. You, like Nikola, are a creative genius. And like him, the Edisons are waiting to take advantage of, even credit for your creations and ideas. Intellectual property law protects creative and often impossible ideas from getting stolen. These laws protect the creators and dreamers and enforce their rights.

Some of the areas that fall under intellectual property laws are:

  • Inventions
  • Literary and artistic works
  • Designs and symbols
  • Names and images used in commerce

We at Peak Patents & Trademarks in Cary, North Carolina specialize in providing the Intellectual Property (IP) services that you need. We understand the results you want and help you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them. Please call (919) 386-1012 for your free consultation.

About The Attorney

Patent law

No doubt Nikola Tesla, as previously discussed, would have protected his invention of the electric generator that was more efficient and profitable than Thomas Edison’s if he would have obtained a patent. Nikola did learn from his mistakes and later filed many patents for his inventions. Hiring a patent lawyer to help you register your inventions will help protect your intellectual property as well.

Craig Hallacher, the Founder of Peak Patents, has worked in the USPTO as a patent examiner, for multibillion dollar corporations as an in-house attorney, and with clients of all sizes as outside counsel. No matter how large or how small your needs are, Peak Patents & Trademarks will tailor services that fit your needs and goals. Please call (919) 386-1012 for your free consultation.


In the 21st century, branding your creations has never been more important. Brands are symbols, logos, designs, words, or phrases: Trademarks. You wouldn’t want someone else using the symbol of your brand believing it to be you, what you’ve created. Thus, trademarks are protected from use if they are registered.

For example, did you know the word Superhero is trademarked by both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. If you are creating a new comic, DC Comics and Marvel Comics will legally pursue you if you use the word Superhero.

When marketing your creations, establishing a brand by way of phrase, words, designs, logos, or symbols, you will protect your brand through the expertise of an experienced trademark licensing attorney. Please call (919) 386-1012 for your free consultation.

Copycat/Gray Market Goods

Regardless of what you think of Disney these days, the corporation is an example of copyright law on steroids. Think of Mickey Mouse born in 1928 to Walt Disney. Through several legal changes, many of them made by Disney, you still cannot use the image of Steamboat Mickey Mouse through the end of 2023. Disney did not want anyone benefiting from their original creation, and the Disney Corporation will not allow anyone to use any of Disney’s characters

Perhaps you have created the 21st Century version of a Steamboat Mickey, or have taken a photo of a future president, or written a hit song. Then someone comes along and uses your original creation and benefits from that use. That’s where you need a copyright lawyer. But why wait until after your creation is used without your permission?

Craig Hallacher, copyright lawyer in Cary North Carolina, can work to protect you before and after your creative inventions are used without your permission. Please call (919) 386-1012 for your free consultation.

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Intellectual Property Licensing

Intellectual Property Licensing

Intellectual Property Licensing

Intellectual property licensing begins when you, the inventor, enters into a contract with a user, a company, that allows the company to use the invention based on your rules:

For example, here’s a wish list:

  • You’ve invented a rod that when placed in the ground provides free electricity to any machine within 100 feet.
  • You’ve come up with a bread recipe that causes people to lose weight and remain healthy.
  • You’ve invented a material that keeps pillow cases cool even in the summer.

For the above inventions, a company or companies want to use the invention, so you, with a licensing contract attorney, create the contract with its limitations and a price.

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You’ve invented a material that keeps pillow cases cool. Before marketing your KoolPillOh, you’ll want to make sure you have the freedom to operate (FTO). While material for a pillow does not require a lot of other components such as cars that drive themselves, you’ll want to make sure that if there are any patents on the parts of your invention, all the patent holders would consider Freedom to Operate.

If it sounds complicated, it is. That’s why it is in your best interest to work with an intellectual properties lawyer. Please call (919) 386-1012 for your free consultation.

Online Selling Issues

Use of the internet for online selling has complicated many laws related to intellectual property: patents and fair use laws related to copyright. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling for Google over Oracle has changed the concept of fair use, and recent legislation has affected trademarks, copyrights, and even lawful streaming.

For these new online selling issues, you need an intellectual property law firm that is aware of the effects of upcoming legislation on intellectual property and effective in defending you.

Please call (919) 386-1012 for your free consultation.
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